5 Recommendations Mouse for Gamers

Mouse is hardware that works to help computer users to carry out their activities, even though every computer access can be done with shortcut on the keyboard, but for specific needs will not be enough if using it only, for example, if your needs are for gaming then don’t miss out to use a proper mouse, and to the specifications of each mouse will vary according to its function, basically the shape and the device inside the mouse is the same that has left and right click, scroll wheel and optical lens that useful for sensitivity. find out more about mouse for gamers in this article that are recommended for you to buy.


Logitech G400 Laser FPS

For the first place view this mouse which is the most favorite gaming mouse that has been used by gamers across the country namely gaming mouse Logitech G400 FPS laser, this mouse created with quite simple design that just encountered some grooves which aims to comfort gamer when carrying out the action, with the brand Logitech mouse is still to be excellent for gamers because the brand is known as resistance and long live.


Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse

Still occupied by the type of the Logitech this time in dedicated for those who do not like a lot of groove wires around the area of ​​war in front of the screen, it is recommended to choose a gaming mouse mode Logitech G602 wireless mouse is designed with grooves that focus around the thumb useful for tackling tensions experienced gamers so that the curve of the thumb position is very fitting for a strong and steady grip.


E Blue Mazer Type R

For gaming mouse in third place occupied by brands output type E-Blue Mazer Type-R, this mouse is ideal for gamers who fingered a bit longer because of the design of this mouse is slightly inflated upwards eat for long finger mouse is very well suited, side curvature design of the mouse is also very sporty that is equipped with blue Led which could make the gamer feel like an actual robot control, to speed the resolution of the mouse is very satisfying, reaching 2500dpi.

RZ01-Razer gaming mouse

If you are a gamer who’ve been in the gaming world for many years, then you be sure already know the product for the purposes of gaming in particular mouse branded Razer, Razer is a strong rival of the brand Logitech is ranked at the top for your keyboard and mouse, Razer RZ01 itself has a level sensitivity up to 5600dpi laser sensor, this is very high compared with Logitech, which may make Logitech still superior compared Razer is in terms of physical toughness.

Evoluent Vertical mouse 4

Reportedly this mouse is only for Apple products only, which is obviously different with the usual mouse, this mouse is rarely encountered in the rental shop gamer or in the cafe “, maybe the price is pretty expensive look of the design slightly seem strange that might use this mouse is used for personal purposes only.