When is the right time to shop?

Shopping has become a lifestyle for metropolitan people. Therefore, it is not surprising that shopping centers are always crowded when the weekend arrives. Online shopping trends that don’t know time are also getting crazy. Well, take a look at it, he said that the right shopping time can save your expenses. So, when is the right shopping time?

Don’t shop at payday
When payday arrives, you feel you have a lot of money in the account and by itself a little big head, the impact, you feel you can buy the latest items being launched, or clothes from famous designers that are sold with promos, even so it is still expensive, and you still can’t afford to buy it.
Therefore, try not to go to shopping centers during payday, do not need to check online shops when your account is full of money. Tips for jitunya, use a credit card to shop. With the existence of a credit card, shopping time is flexible and not limited to payday. Conversely, when shopping using a credit card, you will continue to remember it as a debt, every time you swipe using a credit card, in your head will appear how many limits

5 Smart Shopping Tips to Save Money

Women are generally a hobby of shopping. Most of them consider shopping to be an alternative to entertainment. Moreover, if one shopping center holds a discount program, it is certain that the buyer will flood the mall or outlet that offers attractive prices.

Not a few of the women who are always crazy when shopping. Sometimes they are hungry for eyes and buy something they want, not needed. Shopping is indeed a necessity, but that does not mean being wasteful. You must be able to become a smart consumer and shop in a smart way. Then, how to shop smart? Check out the following tips, as quoted from Only My Health.

1. Choose the Multifunction
If you are a shopping enthusiast, you should choose a multifunctional item. For example, buying clothes in one of the famous boutiques. Buy clothes that can be worn when the rainy or summer season, so you can use these clothes at any time. It’s the same as buying accessories. Choose those that can be worn during formal or non-formal events. That way you don’t need to spend more money to buy items that must be adjusted when you can use them.

2. Evaluate Your Choices

Korean Comfort Women

Japan and South Korea have finally reached what seems to be a mutually agreeable outcome to the issue of South Korean comfort women being used by the Japanese during World War 2. South Korean foreign minister Kang Kyung has announced on January 9th that the Korean government will not seek to renegotiate the deal in their favor. While South Korea’s president Moon Jae In has been sharply critical of the agreement during his election campaign; many experts have expressed that the Korean government would seek a renegotiation on the deal.

On December 27, 2017, a special task force was assigned by the Korean government to determine whether the deal was a fair one. The task force concluded that since the comfort women were not addressed directly and that since their testimonies were not taken into consideration properly, or perhaps at all. The deal was not legitimate. This reversed almost two decades of dialogue between the countries and it had appeared that negotiations would have to be started anew.

The Japanese foreign minister Taro Ono reacted strongly to the nullification of the most recent 2015 agreement. His stance was that since 1993 the issue had been debated, having a strong effect …