Tips Before Playing Ice Skating

  • Wear shoes that fit is very important. Similarly, well sharpened knife. Walking thumb should be just touching the tip of the shoe and the heel is not raised from the footwear.
  • When learning to skate, be sure to lift both legs (as if you’re walking) and do not just keep dragging. These common mistakes is a bad habit and hinder the development of the skaters.
  • Dry knife with a towel after a skate shoe, and remove the skate blade guard to aerate and prevent rust.
  • Try wearing th right figure skating apparel, tighter clothes. This will help balance for not waving and disrupt the balance. And wear a ice skating jacket to keep you warm in the cold air. You can buy all ice skating stuff by online through, they provide all kind of accessories, ice skating dresses and apparel. In their main goal is super fast delivery and great customer service.
  • When learning to skate, be sure not to stop using the toe pick. In addition to not be maximized, you will more easily fall forward.
  • Glide on the outskirts of the arena for a moment. When sledding, you can not directly rolled perfectly. When it began to balance themselves, try to shift to the center. When the balance is getting better, start to do tricks.
  • If you really want to wear jeans, try wearing a long Jon’s (sort of special leggings were worn under jeans), or wear a figure skating pants. By doing so, you will not feel wet when it falls and much more comfortable than snow pants.
  • Try to wear special socks skating. Thick socks made ice skate feels tighter and can make your feet blister.
  • Use standard safety equipment for inline / roller blade as kneepads, elbow, and wrist. If not so young and worried about the pubic bone and tail bone for you, consider wearing a protective padded trousers as worn activists motocross, snowboard or skateboard.
  • To slide and rotate faster, Squeeze your knees and / or cross his arms over his chest. Either way, it will dampen the weight and make you move faster (also help with balance). To slow down, let the arms outstretched at your sides. You will do a wonderful transition to the slide position.
  • Move the weight to the back of the shoe with a slightly leaned backward. The beginners often inadvertently leaned forward. In fact, it can increase the risk rolled forward.
  • Try to figure skating with skate shoes and boots instead of ice hockey. The difference is figure skate shoe has a toe pick on the front of the knife. Ice hockey shoes have a rounded blade in front and behind, so that you can more easily fall if it does not have a very good balance.

Improve Your Skating Skills

Diligent practice. The more often train these techniques, the more you become better. Do not expect to immediately become a pro when you first try.

  • Try to practice making a figure 8 when skating.
  • Take a course in groups or individually if they can afford to pay the fee. A teacher will be able to observe you personally and give special tips.

Try to do sport roller blade when not being on the ice. The technique is the same and you can rely on your body muscle memory.