When is the right time to shop?

Shopping has become a lifestyle for metropolitan people. Therefore, it is not surprising that shopping centers are always crowded when the weekend arrives. Online shopping trends that don’t know time are also getting crazy. Well, take a look at it, he said that the right shopping time can save your expenses. So, when is the right shopping time?

Don’t shop at payday
When payday arrives, you feel you have a lot of money in the account and by itself a little big head, the impact, you feel you can buy the latest items being launched, or clothes from famous designers that are sold with promos, even so it is still expensive, and you still can’t afford to buy it.
Therefore, try not to go to shopping centers during payday, do not need to check online shops when your account is full of money. Tips for jitunya, use a credit card to shop. With the existence of a credit card, shopping time is flexible and not limited to payday. Conversely, when shopping using a credit card, you will continue to remember it as a debt, every time you swipe using a credit card, in your head will appear how many limits you use and will automatically try to brake.
When payday, use your salary to pay for the credit card bill.

Shop at the end of the year
The end of the year is a moment that has been eagerly awaited by shopping fans. Why? The reason is that the end of the year is always a moment where shops do laundry. Shops, whether online or offline, will simultaneously hold Warehouse washing to spend the remaining stock, and obviously the price will be far more tilted.
Because this moment is definitely eagerly awaited by millions of other people, then you should prepare yourself well if you want to compete to get good items at low prices. If you want to participate optimally when end of year sale, then limit your expenses in the previous months to be more economical.

Shopping on Thursday Afternoon
Some say, Thursday afternoon is the time when the shops in the mall re-stock their products to anticipate the number of visitors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, he said that if you shop on Thursday Afternoon there are many advantages, besides because of fresh stock, you can also choose casually because there aren’t many visitors at that time.

New items coming?
New Arrival Items, aka new items, are tempting, who doesn’t want to get the latest items? But it’s best to think about it again if you buy items only for rivals with friends. We recommend that you buy goods because you need them.
Buy gadgets that are just coming and just on display at the price tag is still exorbitant. Even though 6 months later the price will drop by . Items that were new will also be replaced with the latest items.

Daily needs shopping? Don’t Weekend!
Daily necessity shopping is good once a week and not every day. He said, the more often we go to the supermarket, the more likely we are tempted by the promos being offered, and finally we go home with a bag full of shopping, which we don’t all need.
In addition, try to shop on weekday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Shopping for vegetables or meat during the weekends there is a possibility that we will get vegetables or meat that is not fresh. In addition, weekend shopping can be tiring because of the many people who shop and the number of queues at the checkout.

Shopping when the heart is happy
Indeed for women, shopping can be a medicine for stress. So it’s no wonder that when stressed, women spend far more than those who don’t. Therefore, when you are angry, sad, irritated, or heartbroken, do not run to the mall, especially when financial conditions are mediocre. It might be more stressful because the money that should have been used for food was gone.