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Google ShoppingMidwest: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, and parts of Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Even in the event you construct the feed manually or discover a way to localize the product data after exporting it from the system, that may resolve the problem solely partially; the data within the feed will still not match the knowledge on the product page.

Google Product Category (aka GPC): This attribute ensures that your merchandise seem in the precise category (you would not want that Harry Potter DVD displaying up beneath Books”) and that we apply the right set of enforcement rules for a given class.

So starting at this time, you may get all the retail promoting and trend data you’re used to seeing right here, together with the Google Shopping content material that has been showing on the Google Commerce Blog and Inside AdWords , on our new Google Shopping Blog Going ahead, we won’t be posting any new content material on this weblog.

Recently went to a costco 7 miles away and noticed their employees truly working laborious even though the shop was largely empty – I chatted up with the cashier and he said as a result of they weren’t unionized like other costcos need to work harder to maintain their jobs – that sorta explains why the staff at my costco are so torpid.

But when paired with a constant shopping experience — specifically cellular optimized, regionally relevant, and personalized search results — these similar shopping assistants” can become as powerful to sellers as they’re to consumers, the research found.