The Perfect Starter Apartment for Me

After graduating from college with a degree in media journalism, I put in my applications in several different television stations in the cities I knew I would not mind living in. It did not take long before a station in Newport News called me for an interview, and I knew that I had the position before the interview was even over. I knew that I was starting at the bottom, but I also knew that I was going places there. The next move was to look at apartments in Newport News because my job was going to start in less than two weeks after my interview.

I spent the next couple of days in Newport News just to get a feel for the city. I had no idea it is as big as it is, and I am glad that I had this particular strategy because I know I have picked the best apartment by learning the city as much as I could in those couple of days. I needed to be frugal because starting at the bottom of the ladder meant that I would not quite be making the big bucks just yet.

I looked at the more inexpensive apartment complexes first, and that is how I found Autumn Lakes. The one bedroom units there are quite spacious, and it is only about 12 minutes from my new job. Newport News has nearly 180,000 people living here, but you would never know from my apartment complex. It has a bit of a rural feel to it, which is exactly what I wanted. My favorite part of the apartment is my living room because I have a balcony right off of it, and it is big enough to where I can spend hours out there working on news projects if I want to. I know I will move once I start making more money, but this is actually the perfect starter apartment for me for right now.